Make Work More Human.

The ProHabits platform facilitates and sustains enterprise transformational programs.

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Create positive momentum and drive immediate, quantifiable change.

ProHabits is for organizations activating and nurturing their enterprise toward positive workplace behaviors. Let’s put humans at the center of strategy and build skills with the power of the little things.

Behavior is science. Leadership is an art.

We specialize in scaling programs in talent development, diversity & inclusion, employee experience, and change management.


“The solution that leads to sustainable behavior change.” 

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Leadership Thinker, Executive Coach, Author. Dartmouth Tuck Professor, Management Practice.

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Empowering individual contributors and teams with tools to be world class professionals.

Leadership skills in the field.

Case study: government agency


Working with a top global consulting firm this model helped recognize and transform the behaviors of frontlines government agents implementing a controversial policy. In the end, the mindset of the agents help reshape the mindsets of the people they were supporting.

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“Excellent day! Spoke with one of the team members and he advised that he really appreciate me doing what is right and trying to come up with the best resolutions.”

ProHabits Participant


Fostering inclusion.

Case Study: fortune 100 financial services


In a world of financial prowess managers and associates are strategic about almost everything. Yet, good people wanting to build stronger relationships is more powerful than financial gain. We have found that people are more likely to commit than do, but they’re all more likely to do if they have committed. People want to contribute to something bigger than themselves if given the opportunity.

Discover potential paths for the future of work.

Global challenges are confronting leaders in drastic ways, new norms and habits are being forged at an unprecedented rate. ProHabits can provide opportunities to enhance employee and manager well-being, communication and shared values, digitally.

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WE POWER Change makers, speakers, and consultants

What happens the day after a workshop or an inspiring speech?

We provide the tools to sustain moments of elevation from speakers and executives. We scale transformational programs and provide data-driven insights — measuring what matters. Get in touch with us. We’d love to learn more about your organization.